Because Mautic is open source the software is 100% customizable for your particular needs and situations. You can finally use a marketing automation platform the way your business runs instead of changing your business to fit a piece of software. There is a service available,, which gives you a completely free hosted Mautic platform in less than a minute. This free hosted solution offers a few different options from the version you download and configure on our own server but gives you a version of Mautic instantly available with no set-up or servers to configure.

Imagine being able to send new emails to newly created segments with links to newly designed landing pages in a few minutes, instead of a few days. Because Mautic is so easy to use, your entire team can be involved in creating, testing and optimizing your campaigns. This means you can get new campaigns live rapidly, and new iterations into production even faster.

Imagine being able to create sophisticated campaigns that use dynamic content and progressive profiling and incorporate account-based marketing rules. Mautic enables you to easily create complex, multivariate campaigns that can even span across your digital properties — from website to SaaS platform to mobile apps.

Mautic rapidly delivers functionality that is core to our customers’ daily marketing operations. Beyond that approach, they also benefit from our modern API framework that already supports 100+ different integrations and plugins available today, and that list is growing fast.

While Mautic is relatively new to the world of marketing tools, we’re quickly becoming the most disruptive, innovative force in a market that’s desperately in need of both. And our pace of progress is only increasing, which is why 200,000+ organizations rely on Mautic today to automate and personalize their entire customer experience.